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For anyone who cares about our resources, it’s not difficult to obtain research about the “carbon footprint” of food transportation and the many other ways in which we harm our environment through producing our food. It is clear that we cannot continue the way we have always produced food. NFT Hydro, as the manufacturers and suppliers of Hydroponic NFT Systems and equipment, have become a key part of the shift change around the world to meet the demand for higher yield and address consumers’ concern for the environment. From small micro green setups to large commercial farms, we support a greener future.

The idea for our business was conceived in 2014 and was further transitioned into incubation through one of our Directors,  attending a Hydroponic Course with the founder of Hydroponics in South Africa, Ben Safronowitz. Who was the inspiration for the design of our NFT Hydroponic systems that we today sell around the world. In  2016, we formally registered our business and started manufacturing in March 2017.

We now export around the world and supply local markets in South Arica and across Africa, contributing to food security & job creation. We have three manufacturers in place around South Africa, to supply our increasing customers demand for growing hydroponic crops.

Our Services Include:

  • Manufacture and supply of Nutrient Film Technology Hydroponic Grower Channels & NFT Hydroponic Base stand for Vine crops, Berry, Pepper & Chili plants.
  • Hydroponic Consulting & Training Services

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