Hydroponic nutrients can be a complex issue or as simple as mixing and pouring. Anyone not familiar with hydroponic nutrients should just stick with a proven formula from a reputable manufacturer such as Acquasol HYDROFOOD and Aquasol CALSOL (Calcium Nitrate) and simply follow the directions on the container. This will teach you the basics of growing hydroponically before experimenting.

Nutrients are one of the basics of any hydroponic system. In order for a fertilizer to be incorporated into a hydroponic system it must be soluble in water. If not, the plant cannot access it. With Hydroponics the grower has complete control over the implementation of fertilizer, regarding type and concentration. They also have the ability to immediately monitor and maintain a relative consistency, provided a nutrient meter is available. The composition of the nutrients is important and there are over twenty elements that are needed for a plant to grow. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are absorbed from the air and water.

Be sure to use nutrients designed for Hydroponics in a Hydroponic system. The composition of elements in nutrients designed for soil are very different from that for Hydroponics because soil grown plants get most of these elements from the soil. With Hydroponics there is no soil to get the elements from, so the two are very different in composition because they are not designed to be a complete plant food and they may not water-soluble. For example, Nitrogen in the form of urea is not immediately available to a plant in hydroponics because urea is not soluble in water. For this reason Nitrogen must be delivered in its Nitrate form in order to be utilized in hydroponics.