Here at NFT Hydro, we have a passion for hydroponic plant growth and we are thrilled to announce we have started production on our very own NFT Grower profiles. The profiles or channels are specifically designed (based on the American way of growing hydroponics) for optimal growth on a commercial and hobby scale with long, narrow channels in which plants like herbs and lettuce are placed at regular intervals.  The profile is 100mm width x 50mm height, 3mm wall thickness with a unique inner bottomed ribbed surface, which ensures the medium remains moist but not soggy and further promotes oxygen to the root base. No net pots are required and the profiles are well suited to growing mediums such as Oasis® Grower Foam (which we stock), Rockwool etc.

  • The plant site holes on the profile have various configurations for optimal growing:
    • Nursing 72 holes 45mm diameter.
    • Finishing 18 holes 45mm diameter (using multiple profiles – hole placements are diagonally opposed for optimal plant leaf growth area)

Custom hole placement configurations based on grower needs are available and we will offer standard kits designed for anyone looking to set up and run a hydroponic business.

Stock of the NFT Grower profiles will be available ETA end of April, but we are already taking orders so please contact us for a quote and further information.

Contact: Lynn Gunning on 083 737 8602 or