NFT Hygro Grower profile for Hydroponics

NFT Hydro Hydroponic Grower Profile a FullSizeRender (00C) Profile (Overview & Advantages)

Our Hygro profiles are best suited for herbs and lettuce type crops, (similarly used throughout America) the profiles promote optimal growth on both commercial and hobby scales. Our long, narrow profiles (3.6 meters x 100mm width x 50mm height, 2mm wall thickness) with a unique inner bottomed ribbed surface, which ensures the medium (Oasis, Rockwool) remains moist but not soggy, the ribs further promote oxygen to the root base, whilst simultaneously distributing nutrient evenly. No net pots are required when using growing mediums such as Oasis® Grower Foam (which we stock) or Rockwool cubes.

• Hygro profiles are made from food grade uPVC and are white in color, UV stabilized for 10 year service (1 year warranty)
• Dimensions are 100mm x 50mm x 3650mm (custom lengths available) with a wall thickness of  2mm
• Hygro profiles plant sites, or hole placement configurations are standardized for optimal growing:
o Nursing profile – 72 holes with a 45mm diameter
o Finishing profiles – 18 holes 45mm diameter (using multi lengths – hole placements are diagonally opposed for optimal plant leaf growth area)

The Growing Technique & Production Yield Examples (other techniques may be used)

• Hygro profiles are best suited to herb and lettuce type crops and have proven optimal growth results when used in a climate controlled undercover greenhouse environment.
• Some indication on crop yield, in the prescribed conditions 2-3 weeks propagation, then moving to nursing for a further 2-3 weeks, and finally moving to the finishing profiles – seed to harvest after 42 days, this cycle can be optimised to 26 turns per year, in most cases slightly less.
• In terms of crop yield having 526 finishing profiles @ 100% production holds the potential to yield 526 x 18 = 9468 plants each 2-3, maybe 4 weeks. Some growers choose to have smaller divisions for various crops I.e. 8 nursing to 32 finishing for herbs and another 26 nursing with 104 finishing for lettuce @26 crop harvests (each 2 weeks) holds potential to yield 48672 plants per year.  Note that it’s a 1:4 ratio nursing to finishing, we generally recommend always seeding +10% at propagation to fill your nursing requirement at each move (2-3 weeks).
• Generally speaking this is one of many techniques use in Nutrient Film Technology hydroponics, we are able to share more information on request.

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