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NFT Hydro has observed a burst of interest, coupled with great enthusiasm for experimenting with growing hydroponically. We have seen this interest especially from commercial farmers wanting to trail hydroponics on a smaller scale, before progressing to a larger commercial scale. Which of course makes our 2:8 NFT Hygro Grower system ideal for this purpose, as it is a 1:4 ratio and this way of growing ensures the continual ability to scale up on production over time.

For example a hobby grower may use a 2-8 configuration, 2x nursing to 8 finishing profiles, a seasoned grower 54-256 harvesting (256×18 = 4608) plants each 2-3 weeks calculating your commercial requirement is a matter of scaling up.

If you are thinking of growing Hydroponically, please contact us today to place your order for a NFT Hygro Grower System.

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