Investment in equipment is the cornerstone of cutting down on labor costs 

Investment in the right equipment upfront is the foundation of achieving greater production efficiency & cutting down on labor costs. Our NFT profiles are specifically designed to achieve just that:

  • The length of our 3.65m NFT profile makes it practical to handle and move around with ease in a greenhouse.
  • The NFT Profiles rest unattached on top of a Aluminium table, so the grower is able to space the NFT profiles in accordance with the size of the foliage of the crops.
  • Our NFT profiles are manufactured with plant sites and can be customized in accordance with our customers requirements, which cuts down on labour time & wages when cheaper pipes are used that are not manufactured with plant sites. (Growers often underestimate how labor intensive drilling holes for the plantsites on a commerical scale can be on the cheaper pipe options.)
  • We recommend Oasis Grower Medium – it is placed directly in the plansite of the NFT Profile and rests on a unique ribbed bottom surface, seedlings are easily transferred into the NFT profiles adn as netpots are not required this further reduces labour costs.
  • Harvesting means simply lifting the profile off the Aluminium table, draining the water from the profiles and walking it to the harvesting bay or area.
  • Post harvesting, the profiles are taken to the wash-bay area in the greenhouse to sterilize before it goes back into the grow cycle, therefor reducing the risk of diseases and infestations significantly. (We are regularly called to Greenhouses where cheaper options have been used, where the NFT pipes are permanently glued into place and cannot be cleaned.)

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