They are a new generation of growers and they will grow anywhere. Lured by Agtech, we have a rising generation that does not depend on title deeds nor land to start growing, simply because urban dwellings and rooftops are their chosen growing ground. Even more astonishingly most of them have never grown anything before, but by the time they have made contact with us here at NFT Hydro they have been studying Hydroponics online for months and in some cases even years. We in turn support and train our growers to ensure they become skilled and experienced in growing Hydroponics.

Interestingly these passionate growers, regard their NFT Hydroponic Systems as movable assets and is not phased by not owning land, as they simply will pack up their Hydroponic equipment and rent another rooftop or a building. Their passion is for growing.

At the recent Agri Indaba, held here in Cape Town the over arching theme was Food Security of Africa. I wonder then why do we not harness the growing power of this new generation of Growers to contribute to Food Security in Africa?

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