Meet Janik, an Urban Grower from the Western Cape, South Africa. He has set up his ‘Urban Farm’ on an open plot in among urban dwellings, with a shade net for protection, his NFT Hydro System and a burning passion for growing Hydroponically. He forms part of a world wide movement of Rooftop and Urban Growers.

Janik chose our 2:8 NFT System, being one of our most popular systems for trail and experimenting with Hydroponics.  This 2:8 NFT system will produce 144 plants every 2 – 4 weeks or Janik can opt to amass plants for longer as living plants and simply harvest the leaves of his produce. Basil, Arugula, Coriander are among the most popular plants to keep as living plants.

Urban Growers are growing better food for their local communities around the globe. Many start farming for increased food security and access to fresh produce to supply shops & restaurants or with the view to grow into a commercial scale of Hydroponics. 

 Urban Growers, Like Janik is changing the food system, one small urban plot at a time. 

 If you are thinking about growing Hydroponically, please contact us:  or ++27 (0) 83 737 8602