Hydroponics or C.E.A. (Controlled Environment Agriculture) – is an industry that has enjoyed continuous growth throughout its history but in the past year we have seen a significant surge in growth on an international level and also in pockets of Africa. Surprisingly, Zimbabwe has stepped into the world of hydroponics and we are very proud to say that NFT Hydro play a significant part in the bringing food security back to this country.

That said, despite significant water shortages and a severe drought that plague most of South Africa, there is an underlying reluctance for to the uptake of Hydroponics in comparison  to what is unfolding on an international level.   However, younger South African growers buck this trend and take up rooftop farming and urban farming creating a new generation of growers that will hopefully over time contribute to the growth of the Hydroponics industry in a country that could significantly benefit from it.

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