1. Is your NFT Systems affordable? ANSWER: One of the barriers for adoption is high start-up cost. NFT Hydro have a range of NFT Systems that will suit everyone’s budget and is designed to last 10 years.
  2. What can I grow in the NFT profiles?  ANSWER: The link will give you some guidance, but we say try to grow just about anything you like. What can you GROW?
  3. Is Microgreens difficult to grow? ANSWER: Our unique Microgreen profile and growing technique allow for the ease  & optimum growth of Microgreens.
  4. How do your deal with the algae that forms in the NFT Profiles?  ANSWER: After every grow cycle you will clean your profile with a high pressure hose or ammonia, then place it back into the grow cycle.
  5. Is your system suitable for schools? ANSWER:Yes it is  and we will make recommendations in accordance with your budget.