Basil is the most popular culinary herb that is produced hydroponically. Hydroponic production not only allows basil to be produced fresh and flavorful year round, but also, the growth is much faster compared to the field production.

Propagating basil in OASIS® Horticubes® XL* ensures uniform germination and growth, without any concerns of disease-causing pathogens. Following are the salient features and benefits of OASIS® Horticubes® XL medium:
• The OASIS® foam growing media are a uniquely engineered propagation media.
• They are thermoset foam materials and are considered to be sterile because of the high temperature involved during the manufacturing process.
• The OASIS® foam growing media are inert with no buffering capacity. As a result, all the applied nutrients are readily available to the plants.
• Horticubes® is a relatively higher drainage and higher density medium and Horticubes® XL is a lower drainage and lower density medium.  The lower density and finer cells of Horticubes® XL promote faster root penetration, and also promote profuse fine secondary roots, which in turn promote faster shoot growth.

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