More often than we can say, when clients first contact NFT Hydro they have been studying soilless farming on the internet, reading every article about hydroponics and the various methods available for months, if not years on end. I think we can all agree that the amount of information available around soilless farming methods like hydroponics is overwhelming. We have been working alongside our customers since early 2014 to ensure every single one of them become a successful grower. The best advice you will get from us is simply to purchase your hydroponic systems and start growing. The practical, hands-on experience of growing with NFT Hydro’s guidance will surpass any online studies.

Take one of our new clients in MooiRiver Kwa-Zulu Natal, Rodney Els. Rodney has no previous experience in soilless farming, but yet the photos displayed in this article is of his first crop. With clear instructions on the propriety growing method that we advocate, Rodney is on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a commercial soil-less farmer. Congratulations Rodney!

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