Rijk Zwaan has been working on varieties that are suitable for growing in water for many years. In this time, they have developed a wide range of leafy vegetables that are specifically suitable for hydroponic production methods. Worldwide, hydroponic production of crops such as lettuce is becoming increasingly popular.

Suitable for hydroponic production

When developing varieties that can be grown in water, Rijk Zwaan pays attention to aspects such as fast and compact growth, lack of delicate leaf edges, good colour intensity in the case of red varieties, a healthy and uniform crop, and ease of processing and packaging. Bremia is not such a problem in hydroponic production, but aphids can be a problem which is why most varieties have resistance to aphids.

Extremely clean, fresh and stable

The high-tech water-based growing systems make it possible to produce lettuce without using crop protection agents. Hence, we are helping growers to meet retailers’, foodservice companies’ and processors’ demands for clean products. The leaves are free from sand, grit and dirt so the lettuce no longer needs to be washed thoroughly to remove such residues. Since the root ball remains attached, the product can be sold as a ‘living lettuce’ and stays fresher for longer.

We are the suppliers Rijk Zwaan hydroponics seed to your purchase of any of our NFT Hydroponic Systems. 

Rijk Zwaan Hydroponic Lettuce

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