Most varieties of microgreens will last about 7 to 12 days when stored properly in the refrigerator, about the same amount of time as other leafy greens like lettuce. 

  1. Keep  your microgreens live on your NFT Hydro Microgreens Fiber paper (supplied as part of all our Microgreens Systems)

  2. Harvest microgreens early, when cool, when possible, try to harvest your microgreens in the early morning when your crop is still cool.

  3. Microgreens definitely need to be refrigerated, just like lettuce and other leafy greens, microgreens need to be kept cool to extend their freshness.

  4. Saltwater bath, is a process usually reserve only for sunflower shoots.  Salt is a natural preservative and will help sanitize and extend the life of your crop. After harvesting your sunflower microgreens, give them a quick bath in a saltwater solution.

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