This is a tale of two growers, both started in similar circumstances. However, their projects took very different trajectories.

Grower 1, after asking us for a quotation, decided to rather build his Hydroponic system. Convinced that research on the internet would guide him to his success.

Grower 2, decided to purchase one of our semi-commercial hydroponic systems. We GROW with all our clients to ensure their success and spent dedicated time guiding, advising and upskilling Grower 2. Within a few weeks, he had a successful first crop of Basil & Rocket.

The 2nd crop of snow peas was propagated soon afterward. Over the next few months, this delicious crop was harvested supplying local stores & restaurants.  Now almost 9 months later, Grower 2 has such demand for his hydroponic fresh produce that they are forced to expand to two commercial 10 x 30m Greenhouses equipped with our Hydroponic systems.

Grower 1,  not yet successful and called us this week for advice.

Sometimes tried & tested is the better option.

Come GROW with us.

disclaimer: all variables considered