Amaranth is definitely one of the lesser-known microgreens, but you may have encountered it in its seed form. It’s an annual or perennial plant that grows around the world. There are approximately 70 species of the amaranth plant; purple, red, green, or gold. They may not be the best-known microgreen, but they are an excellent choice. 

You may be surprised to learn that these small plants are actually very high in both protein and fiber; this is why the Aztecs were able to survive on them and virtually nothing else.

Here’s your quick start guide on how to grow amaranth microgreens

    • soak: No, you can plant these straight away.
    • Time to germinate: 2-3 days
    • Time to harvest:10 – 15 day

Harvesting Amaranth 

It is best to avoid watering them for up to 12 hours before you harvest them. This will reduce the amount of water sitting on the leaves; which helps to prevent mod growing while you store them.

You can remove any excess water by placing them between two paper towels.

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Reference: practical growing