Despite their relatively small size, urban farms grow a surprising amount of food, with yields that often surpass those of their rural cousins. This is possible for a couple reasons. Hydroponic plant cultivation is widely considered more sustainable than regular farming as it uses around 90% less water. Secondly, hydroponic farming yields more vegetables and herbs in a shorter time. Growers are able to plant more densely, thereby increasing the yield substantially.

Many of our clients grow microgreens in the city, the calculated yield potential per microgreens profile of 1.825m x 100mm is 225gr for the small leaf to 1395gr for large leaf microgreens, within 5 – 8 days. 

Scaling up on your microgreens hydroponic system is easy – simply add more profiles to increase your yield.

What will you GROW in your city?

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Hydroponics in Lesotho

As food insecurity rise in Africa, NFT Hydro remains committed to increasing food security to those most in need. A third of all people living in sub-Saharan Africa face severe food insecurity.

We work across Africa, to introduce hydroponics as a growing method to people & schools to allow the development of a sustained culture for families producing their own food and creating job opportunities.  We believe that introducing our NFT Systems and training people to grow hydroponically will contribute to GROW Africa’s food security.


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Hydroponics Growing Trends To Change Agriculture





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If you think you can’t grow your own food because you live in the city, think again!

If you think you can’t grow your own food because you live in the city, think again!

Home farming is an example of urban gardening, which brings food production into your home. NFT Hydro have designed a few hydroponic home systems to fit onto balconies or into small urban greenhouses. For many of our customers, these NFT Hydroponic systems have become a constant food source for their homes, to supply restaurants or to start small hydroponic businesses with.

Urban Hydroponic Systems

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photo with compliments of NFT Hydro’s customer growing Microgreens 

The easiest crop to GROW hydroponically

Basil thrives very well in our NFT systems, and it is indeed among the most grown herbs in Hydroponics. Once this plant reaches the mature stage, you harvest and trim it weekly.  Once basil flowers, its leaves lose their flavor, but regularly cropping it can prevent flowering and provide a fresh harvest of the foliage. Cropping the plant also keeps it compact and encourages branching, which results in more leaves.

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Scalable Hydroponics Systems designed with new growers in mind

Many of our customers are new to Hydroponics. As a result, NFT Hydro has specifically designed a scalable Hydroponic system to allow our clients to start growing on a small manageable scale and then progress to a commercial set-up without having to replace any of the NFT equipment they have purchased.

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Growing Fresh Produce in Namibia

Namibia’s potential for agriculture is severely limited due to climatic and soil factors. During the past five years agricultural output has been seriously constrained by recurring drought, floods, locusts, insects and worm invasions. No wonder there is such an increase in the demand for growing Hydroponically in Namibia.

Grow Fresh Hydroponic Produce in Africa

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Photo provided by NFT Hydro customer in Namibia 

Instructions for growing microgreens

As microgreens become more popular by the day and NFT Hydro get more inquiries about growing these, we thought to share some instructions on growing these on our NFT Microgreen Systems. 

Instruction for growing Microgreens