Major shift towards preference for hydroponic vegetables

The global hydroponic vegetables market has witnessed impressive growth due to rise in the production of hydroponic vegetables. The growing awareness about the advantages of this form of cultivation over traditional farming has been propelling the global market. Hydroponics save water, land, use lesser fertilizers, and are a simple solution to problems of climate change. Owing to these advantages and more, the global hydroponics market is likely to be worth US$12,106.5 mn by the end of 2025 from US$ 6,934.6 mn in 2016.

Increasing awareness regarding these risks is driving demand for crops and vegetables that are cultivated in a safe and controlled environment. Hydroponic plants are an ideal choice in this scenario as lack of soil in hydroponic systems eliminates the need for soil. Moreover, the increasing rate of urbanization in developed regions is expected to cause a major shift towards preference for hydroponic vegetables.

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Klassmann-Deilmann France visits NFT Hydro

When international supplier Klassmann-Deilmann flies from France to come and see you and bring lettuce plugs to showcase their product because they want NFT Hydro to promote and supply their product……..

We sit up and we listen, because we want to provide our clients with the best grower medium at the best price.

Thank you to the Directeur General of Klassmann-Deilmann that took the time this morning to fetch these beautiful lettuce plugs for us.

We are impressed and so will our clients be!

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Import your NFT systems from South Africa

We regularly export our NFT systems around the world and into Africa.

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NFT Hydro 60:240 NFT Commercial System

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Innovating the way we GROW in Zimbabwe

No experience required to start growing hydroponically if you work with NFT Hydro.

This first time grower in Zimbabwe is proof that it is possible to grow hydroponically simply with the guidance of NFT Hydro.

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Growing in Zimbabwe

The ability to inspire women in Africa is certainly for us, one of the most humbling & rewarding aspects of what we do every day here at NFT Hydro.

For one such women who took inspiration and embarked on a Hydroponic Growing journey, with her dream to become a commercial scale grower, you simply cannot resist but to admire Venencia. With no prior experience or knowledge of growing Hydroponically, failing for her was simply not an option especially when you have passion and determination that runs this deep. With her mantra of ‘‘try, try and try again until you succeed” this growing journey is one to watch very closely in Zimbabwe. Growers like Venencia is crucial for the food security of her home country, but even more so because she is planting the first seeds for others to become the change in the way we GROW in Africa.

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Growing Stronger | NFT Hydro featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine

‘NFT Hydro according to the article that was published in Popular Mechanics February 2018 issue, is making big strides in hydroponic channel design. The market is saturated with modified gutter pipes from the likes of Marley, but NFT Hydro engineering specifically for hydroponic challenges and gaining an international foothold fast.”

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Growth in the Hydroponics Food Industry set to outpace Global Markets by 80%

Hydroponics or C.E.A. (Controlled Environment Agriculture) – is an industry that has enjoyed continuous growth throughout its history but in the past year we have seen a significant surge in growth on an international level and also in pockets of Africa. Surprisingly, Zimbabwe has stepped into the world of hydroponics and we are very proud to say that NFT Hydro play a significant part in the bringing food security back to this country.

That said, despite significant water shortages and a severe drought that plague most of South Africa, there is an underlying reluctance for to the uptake of Hydroponics in comparison  to what is unfolding on an international level.   However, younger South African growers buck this trend and take up rooftop farming and urban farming creating a new generation of growers that will hopefully over time contribute to the growth of the Hydroponics industry in a country that could significantly benefit from it.

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Oasis Grower Medium the only way to grow hydroponically

Shipping Oasis Hydroponic Grower Medium to yet another customer today!

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A specialized media density and fine cell structure promote faster, stronger root growth. In addition, the fine cell structure and drainage properties provide uniform moisture and hydroponic nutrients throughout the media – whether you use overhead irrigation or sub-irrigation.

Best for (crops): lettuce, herbs and other vegetables

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