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The significant investment in food security Agriculture technology (agritech) is becoming a key area of focus for investors globally.  One of the main focus areas of agritech is the ability to grow more food for an ever increasing population. It is, therefore, no surprise that we see a significant interest from commercial growers & farmers globally and locally investing in growing Hydroponically to meet the increasing demand from consumers.

NFT Hydro along with, our extensive Agritech partnerships will ensure that you have all the support you need to start growing Hydroponically.

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Greenhouse Growing for Commercial Farmers

Water scarcity and the ever increasing demand for fresh healthy greens that is produced locally is disrupting traditional farming in a big way. Growing greens in a controlled greenhouse environment allow the grower to maintain the proper light, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, save 80% of water, balance pH levels, and nutrients to produce crops year-round.

Our NFT Hygro Grower Systems is an ideal solution for farmers & growers that want to use hydroponics as a growing technique to increase crop yield and grow all year round.  Through our established Partnerships & suppliers situated around the world, we are able to offer turnkey solutions to our clients.

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Shipping International

We work with CTC Worldwide who offer a complete range of cargo logistic deliverables across the world. CTC is an integral partner in our logistics chain around the world.

International Quotations & Payments

We have international bank accounts set up, facilitating ease of payment to receive currency in Pounds, Euros and Dollars.

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Mpumalanga Farmer showing off his Basil growing in our NFT Systems

We innovate the way you GROW.

The photo shows Basil propagated from seed and then transplanted into our NFT Nursing profiles and after 3 – 4 week into our NFT Finishing profiles. It’s 42 days from seed to harvest.

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