Mpumalanga Farmer showing off his Basil growing in our NFT Systems

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The photo shows Basil propagated from seed and then transplanted into our NFT Nursing profiles and after 3 – 4 week into our NFT Finishing profiles. It’s 42 days from seed to harvest.


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Lettuce seedlins 70-110mm 3rd July '17 (6 days) (002)

What do clients have to say about NFT Hydro

”I am extremely grateful for all the information, time and assistance you have both given me throughout this venture, a rare commodity, and level of service to be found these days.”
Thank you both again
Lettuce root mass 6 days after transplanting a (002)

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The rise of the rooftop farmers

New Yorkers have been growing urban farms for quite some time. In 2011 legislation was passed in an effort to support consumption and production of local foods and farming. The city government is officially supporting urban farming efforts. City Council passed two bills in an effort to support consumption and production of local foods and farming. The first bill supports and encourages the construction of  rooftop greenhouses, while the second aims to free up land for urban farm use.

Is it not time South Africa does the same?

Urban Rooftop Designs

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Hydroponics disrupting our food system

There is a sense of urgency amongst our Hydroponic Growers in South Africa. Hydroponics as a way of growing it seems is here to stay, we see urban farmers rise to the rooftops of our cities, commercial farmers demand a higher yield from their land and consumers’ concern for the environment is at the forefront of dictating the change in our food production systems. For anyone who cares about our resources, it’s not difficult to obtain research about the “carbon footprint” of food transportation and the many other ways in which we harm our environment through producing our food.

It is clear that we cannot continue the way we have always produced food, a fundamental shift in our food production with regards to the harvesting, the processing, the transportation has to take place. It is, therefore, no surprise that one of the most promising technologies that have been adopted around the world to reinvent the way we produce food, is Hydroponics.

When done well, both large-scale vertical farming and hydroponics have proven to be more productive and diverse, less wasteful, and energy and resource efficient. Produce can be grown year-round and crops are more resistant to climate change and other weather-related factors that conventional dirt farmers face.

Leafy greens, tomatoes, herbs, and peppers can be grown in close proximity to retailers who will stock the vegetables in their grocery stores and restaurants who will serve fresh tasty greens, reducing the cost of transportation, both to the farmer and to the environment.

Vertical farms and hydroponics is the solution for farmers (who can cut costs on water and fertilizer), the consumers (who can buy affordable, fresh produce year-round) as well as the environment.

No wonder there is such an immense sense of urgency amongst our Growers in South Africa.  Are you growing Hydroponically yet? 

We Innovate the way you GROW

4:16 NFT Hygro Grower system

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NFT Hygro Grower profiles used by our customers to grow vertically


NFT Hydro blogged last week about many of our clients doing trail Hydroponics on a small scale before progressing to a much larger commercial scale of growing Hydroponics. This particular client built his own vertical system for indoor growing, using our NFT Hygro Grower profiles, this was done as part of his trail setup before he will expand to growing vertically on a commercial scale. http://store.nfthydro.co.za/22-nft-hygro-grower-profile

Big or small no matter how you would like to experiment with Hydroponics, NFT Hydro would love to be part of your journey. We innovate the way you GROW!

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NFT Hydro rated as one of the top 50 Best Hydroponic Blogs Internationally

Top 50 Hydroponics Blogs And Websites For Hydroponics Professionals

Come and see why WE WERE RATED AS PART OF THE TOP 50 ! http://nfthydro.co.za/home/hydroponic-information-to-help-you-start-growing/

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Hydroponics is a fast growing topic in South Africa

IMAG1551Photo 2016-11-06, 12 06 40 PM (1)

NFT Hydro has observed a burst of interest, coupled with great enthusiasm for experimenting with growing hydroponically. We have seen this interest especially from commercial farmers wanting to trail hydroponics on a smaller scale, before progressing to a larger commercial scale. Which of course makes our 2:8 NFT Hygro Grower system ideal for this purpose, as it is a 1:4 ratio and this way of growing ensures the continual ability to scale up on production over time.

For example a hobby grower may use a 2-8 configuration, 2x nursing to 8 finishing profiles, a seasoned grower 54-256 harvesting (256×18 = 4608) plants each 2-3 weeks calculating your commercial requirement is a matter of scaling up.

If you are thinking of growing Hydroponically, please contact us today to place your order for a NFT Hygro Grower System.


We innovate the way we GROW

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