If there ever was a photogenic edible flower, its the rocket flower.  Usually, we don’t get to see them unless the rocket plant is allowed to go to flower so it feels like you’re let in on a lovely secret.  Leaving a few rocket plants to go into bud is well worth it, just look at the sheer gorgeousness! And the best bit is that if you sow rocket seeds successively you can eat their edible flowers throughout the whole season.

Rocket flower flavour is like the leaves, just not as strong, so it goes well with salads or anything that you would like to give a little peppery edge. I’m not the chef here, you can imagine where they would be good right?

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The debate of food safety and crop growing practices

With the majority of the world population growing concerned with what they consume and what are the actual constituents of the food that makes it to their plates, the debate of food safety and crop growing practices has never been more intense. Individuals are inclined to eat more healthy produce, even when they are dining out, giving rise to a host of restaurants that promise ‘organically grown’ food ingredients in their cuisine.

The similarities between organic farming and Hydroponics boil down to the fact that both farming practices aim to protect the earth’s fragile environment. However, there are some ways in which Hydroponics manages to triumph over organic agriculture in environmental protection endeavors.

It uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture hence conserving the world’s most important resource from depletion. It also manages to prevent soil from degradation, preserving valuable top soil for plants that cannot be hydroponically grown.

Given all the added benefits of Hydroponics, the bottom line when it comes to the organic farming and Hydroponics debate is the fact Hydroponics manages to better the former in numerous ways making it a considerably more attractive agricultural method of growing plants

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Hydroponic Mineral Nutrient Dosage Calculator

NFT Hydro is making this online calculator freely available for a few weeks and we ask that you please provide us with your valuable feedback if you are going to use it.

It is specifically for the application of Hygrotech Mineral Nutrients for soilless farming growing vine crops, peppers & leafy greens.

The calculator is for the ease of use and management of your EC levels for your NFT Systems.

You can access the calculator via the link below:

Hydroponic Mineral Nutrient Dosage Calculator

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Container Growing | Your success as a grower become our success story.

These stunning photos were sent to us last night from one of our container growing clients, with such a lovely message: ‘Thank you NFT Hydro for all your support & guidance.”

This absolutely emulates the essence of the NFT Hydro brand. 

Great brands have experiences and values.

What you will experience with NFT Hydro, as one of our clients is that we will grow with you.

As the growers of hydroponic produce, we apply our skills & knowledge gained to work alongside our growers to ensure they flourish as hydroponic farmers. As you grow we GROW.


Tips to extend the life of microgreens after harvest.

Most varieties of microgreens will last about 7 to 12 days when stored properly in the refrigerator, about the same amount of time as other leafy greens like lettuce. 

  1. Keep  your microgreens live on your NFT Hydro Microgreens Fiber paper (supplied as part of all our Microgreens Systems)

  2. Harvest microgreens early, when cool, when possible, try to harvest your microgreens in the early morning when your crop is still cool.

  3. Microgreens definitely need to be refrigerated, just like lettuce and other leafy greens, microgreens need to be kept cool to extend their freshness.

  4. Saltwater bath, is a process usually reserve only for sunflower shoots.  Salt is a natural preservative and will help sanitize and extend the life of your crop. After harvesting your sunflower microgreens, give them a quick bath in a saltwater solution.

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Algae Control and Prevention in Your Hydroponic System

We have had a few clients this week expressing concern about algae growth in their hydroponic systems.  It is important to understand that soilless farming is a high-intensity method of farming, you cannot leave your greenhouse or in-door growing area for weeks on end without checking and taking responsibility for the well-fare of your plants and keeping a hand on any algae growth. After every growth cycle, you have to clean you hydroponic profiles.

Algae can be difficult to control. Prevention via light exclusion from the nutrient solution, reservoirs, growing channels and surfaces of growing media is the main form of defense for most growers and is the most effective.

Complete control over all algae growth in most hydroponic systems can be difficult. Most growers tolerate small amounts of algae in their system, provided it does not become excessive, and this usually causes no problems.

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Edible Flowers can be grown in our Hydroponic Systems

Feasting on brightly colored flowers has a long culinary history. In the Victorian area, edible flowers were particularly popular and frequently used to create elegant designs of candied violet and borage to top cakes and desserts. In more recent times, edible flowers are recognized not only for their beauty and decorative value, but also for flavor, aroma, and nutritional aspects. Edible flowers are incredibly versatile;  hydroponically grown they are used as a spice or vegetable or simply displayed as a decorative garnish in salads and a variety of dishes to add color to the plate.

They are grown commercially by hydroponic producers for restaurants, salad mix producers, and bars, where modern mixologists incorporate edible flowers and floral infusions into drinks.

Edible flowers like borage and pansies grow very well in all our Hydroponic Systems 

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Rooftop Urban Farmers – Firts Crop of Microgreens

This lovely photo was shared by our clients on our Instagram page this morning. The microgreens are grown on our MG-26 Commercial Microgreens System. Just 7 days old they are nearly ready to harvest in a beautiful array of colors.

MG-26 Microgreens system for growing commercial microgreens

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rise of the hydroponic lettuce

In Vietnam, the switch to growing hydroponic lettuce is a big topic at the moment. “We see an increase in hydroponic lettuce cultivation already. This is due to high interest from the consumer for safely grown product. We expect the growth of lettuce on water to continue over the next couple of years, like it has already happened in Thailand and Malaysia”, says Jean-Marie. The current acreage of hydroponic lettuce cultivation may be only around 30 to 40 hectares, but he expects this to multiply over the next years.

For the growers though even with hydroponic cultivation, finding the connection to the market and the consumer still is difficult. Therefore the greenhouse growers try to differentiate their products from the open field vegetables. “For example, when they grow lettuce hydroponically, they intend to keep the roots when they sell it, to show they grow it in the water, an innovative way with less spraying. Some growers also try to cut the steps to the wholesale market to connect more directly from grower to end users. And with Rijk Zwaan, we also inform the supermarkets and consumers by giving demonstrations on NFT cultivation. That way we show them what hydroponics is and what the benefits are for the end product.”

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