Hydroponics bring food security to Malawi

NFT Hydro has been privileged to be involved with an organisation that earned international recognition for their approach to bring effective change to one of the poorest and least developed countries in the entire world – Malawi. Our NFT Systems will help contribute to feeding the staff, visiting guests, and hospital patients, whilst supporting the economic sustainability of this amazing project.

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Where did it all start?

Ben Safronovitz, founder of the Perfect Grow venture, numbered among the few who was involved with hydroponics from its very early days in South Africa. He gained huge experience and expertise across the various issues related to hydroponics and … had an unlimited passion for the subject and the love of teaching and assisting.

It was this passion that got us involved in Hydroponics and it was then with his guidance and knowledge that we trained under him to grow Hydroponically, sharing his methods of growing and his ideas for our NFT systems that he gained over the years.

It was through his passion and his guidance that we started NFT Hydro…………………”for the sake of hydroponics Ben”.

Know that your legacy will live on through us.

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The Advantages of Hydroponic Production of Microgreens

Hydroponic microgreens have a distinct advantage over those grown in trays of substrates or soil mixes in that no granular growing medium needs to be used. The high sowing rate and density of microgreens means small particles of substrate can end up in the foliage and since microgreens are not usually washed after harvest, this poses a risk of crunchy grit ending up in the final dish.

For this reason, hydroponic microgreens are best produced on a thin mat or capillary pad such as the NFT Hydro Fiber Paper that holds the seed in place and retains some moisture for germination.

Microgreens Fiber Paper

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Most Profitable Plants To Grow Hydroponically

So, is hydroponic farming profitable? The answer is, yes. If you do your research on the most profitable plants to grow and sell, you should have no problem making money. You also want to take a look at growth time too.  To figure out some of the most profitable plants to grow hydroponically we used the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Farmer’s Daughter Herbs, and Simply Hydroponics and Organics. Once we determined the price per pound for crops that can be grown hydroponically, we ranked them starting with the highest price fetched. 

Cannabis $1600 per pound 

Ginseng $ 500 – 600 per pound

Bayleaves $ 30 per pound

Microgreens $ 20 -25 per pound

Tarragon $ 16 per pound 

Chives $ 14 per pound 

Mint $ 14 per pound 

Dill $ 14 per pound 

Basil $ 14 per pound 

Cilantro $6 per pound

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The Growing Trend of Women In Hydroponics

The role of women in hydroponics gardening and the hydroponics industry is changing fast. In the past the vast majority of growers were males, as were the vast majority of hydroponics entrepreneurs, retail store owners and spokespersons.  NFT Hydro has seen a growing acceptance of hydroponics among women n South Africa and Africa. We certainly see women embracing the hydroponics lifestyle be that to start their own business or to supply fresh greens to restaurants or markets. We love growing together.

Lets start growing together

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