Growth in the Hydroponics Food Industry set to outpace Global Markets by 80%

Hydroponics or C.E.A. (Controlled Environment Agriculture) – is an industry that has enjoyed continuous growth throughout its history but in the past year we have seen a significant surge in growth on an international level and also in pockets of Africa. Surprisingly, Zimbabwe has stepped into the world of hydroponics and we are very proud to […]


Oasis Grower Medium the only way to grow hydroponically

Shipping Oasis Hydroponic Grower Medium to yet another customer today! A specialized media density and fine cell structure promote faster, stronger root growth. In addition, the fine cell structure and drainage properties provide uniform moisture and hydroponic nutrients throughout the media – whether you use overhead irrigation or sub-irrigation. Best for (crops): lettuce, herbs and other […]


Growing Microgreens Hydroponically

Succulent, slender yet packed with a powerful flavor punch, microgreens are increasingly becoming popular as a profitable hydroponic crop with just five days from seed to harvest for some species. The photo in this article is of Arugula Microgreens taken at 7 days from seeding. Hydroponic microgreens are best grown on a thin mat or pad […]

Urban Grower -Janik


  Meet Janik, an Urban Grower from the Western Cape, South Africa. He has set up his ‘Urban Farm’ on an open plot in among urban dwellings, with a shade net for protection, his NFT Hydro System and a burning passion for growing Hydroponically. He forms part of a world wide movement of Rooftop and Urban […]



NFT HYDROPONIC BASE SAVES WATER Designed to return water nutrient from over irrigation or continuous irrigation back to source tank, or to storage tanks for re-treatment/reuse. Can be used with most plant pots or even plant bags, ideal for vine crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Growing medium independent, tested with soil, perlite, cocopeat, sawdust (large grain), micro filters advised on smaller grains/peat/soil. Width & height ideal for one or multiple plant pots/bags. Height allows easy fit or slide under existing crop pots/bags. Can support up to 70 Kg (kilograms). Easy stack for transportation and shipping. Fits snug over 50mm water nutrient return pipe (surface layout) can be easily adapted  to underground return pipe. Ideal for long run back to back configurations, also ideal for off-set configurations I.e. one left, one right etc. Micro filters optional, avoids debris clogging return pipes. Available in black and white. Contact Lynn on lynn@nfthydro.co.za or ++27 (0)83 737 8602


Hydroponic farming in Zimbabwe – an untapped market.

NFT Hydro is exporting to Zimbabwe. Hydroponics is a good method of growing food where arable land is scarce, since food can be grown much more densely using a fraction of the land that is required to grow crops traditionally on large expanses of farmland. Hydroponics also allows for the growth of food year round […]


ZAMBIA has a vested interest in Hydroponics.

NFT Hydro & Haygrove Tunnels hosted the Zambian Consulate earlier this week at Haygrove Farm in Elgin. Zambia requested a site visit to learn more about our  business and growing Hydroponically in Greenhouses. Basil was tasted, coriander sampled, many questions asked and the view from Haygrove Farm was indulgently admired and photographed by our state visitors. Lynn Gunning […]


AgTech | the Green revolution in farming

Today, there are hundreds of agriculture tech startups around the world, and some experts say the situation reminds them of the early days of the internet: There’s a lot of activity in agriculture, but no clear winners yet – it’s hard to say who might become the Facebook or Amazon of the scene. Couple that […]