Hydroponics on the rise

The vast majority of plants are still grown using soil, but hydroponics is on the rise. Globally, it was estimated that the hydroponic farming industry was worth $21.4 billion in 2015, with its value projected to grow at 7 per cent per year. Slowly but steadily, farming appears to be changing. Equally, there are big […]

Purpose Designed Hydroponic Grower Profile for High Yield Crop Cycle & Production

Know the advantage of a purposed designed Hydroponic profiles Pre-drilled with custom plant site hole configurations 3.65 meter lengths are more manageable thus: Economical to transport at initial installation, Easier to remove at crop harvest, Easier to brush clean, removing algae build-up after harvest, Unique inner ribbed surface which importantly: Promotes oxygen at the plants […]


If you can shave three days off of any task that usually takes ten, that’s a good thing, right? New HORTICUBES® XL can do that. Used with our NFT Profiles you can get more-developed roots, emerging from the cube in just 7 days. A seed propagation miracle? Yes, its called Oasis Horticubes XL and you can order it […]