Follow us for the next few days as we blog just how simple and delicious it is to grow your own microgreens in our 1:1:4 NFT System.  Day 4 – 5 Simply watch your microgreens grow. You can now clearly see which seeds has germinated before others, we suggest that you keep the same seeds in […]

Seed to Harvest – the microgreens journey with NFT Hydro

Follow us for the next few days as we blog just how simple and delicious it is to grow your own microgreens in our  1:1:4 NFT System.  Day 1 & 2 leave your microgreens seeds covered or in a dark room to ensure germination. Note your microjet tubes should continuously dripfeed the Nutrient Water to […]

Bio-degradable substrate for your microgreens

Our passion for enfranchising a new generation of growers and our concern for the environment is one of  the overarching reasons why we have sourced a microgreens grow medium, that is used as s bio-degradable layer/substrate for your microgreens and manufactured from a special blend of 100% natural fiber of premium grade. Click the link below […]

The inspirational story of Venencia Mukarati, our client in Zimbabwe

Watch the inspirational story of our client in Zimbabwe. Unbelievably this was the first crop Venencia attempted to GROW in our 2:8 NFT System. Please contact NFT Hydro if you would like to know more: Independently compiled by Zimpapers Television Network  Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


The Honorable Dr VF Nicola, President of Angola-South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACIAAS) opened  the conference emphasizing the requirements for the modernization of Agriculture in Angola, with vast natural resources, corresponding to more than 35 million hectares available for agricultural opportunities. Over lunch under the trees of the beautiful Alpen Hotel in Constancia, […]

The importance of pH and EC and how they affect plants

When growing in soil, all the microbes and the soil itself assist to make nutrients available to the plant. But when you take out the soil by growing hydroponically, all that unseen hard work by nature is now controlled by the grower. This can prove tricky, but when mastered can be extremely rewarding. The link below […]