International Exports

Located in South Africa, we manufacture and supply high-quality NFT Hydroponic equipment and solutions for greenhouses, commercial, and urban growers.

We manufacture 95% of our products locally in South Africa, making our NFT Hydroponic grower systems cost-effective for exporting across the world.

Through our established Partnerships & suppliers situated around the world, we are able to offer turnkey solutions to our clients for any size hydroponic project.

Our NFT Hygro Grower Systems is an ideal solution for customers that want to use hydroponics as a growing technique to increase crop yield.

Shipping International

We work with Clear Freight, a company that has an extensive infrastructure and provides specialist customer-centered solutions both locally and internationally.

International Quotations & Payments

NFT Hydro is a registered Exporter & Importer with the South Africa Revenue Services Customs &  Excise department.

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Lynn: Mobile ++27 83 737 8602

Technical Advisor

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