Our client asked us to design a commercial set-up for growing microgreens. Each 1.825 meter microgreens profile may average 810 grams pf microgreen plants with a harvest potential between 5 – 10 days thus an average harvest potential 416 x 0.81kg = 336.9kg every 5-10 days.

To produce microgreens, a grower must become a master at reproducing the environment and requirements that seeds need to germinate. The optimal environment for microgreen production can be variety-specific, but favorable temperatures range between 18 to 24°C and relative humidity (RH) of 40 to 60 percent would meet the needs of most plants. Increasing the temperature and humidity may raise the risk of pest and disease issues.

Within the growing environment, good air circulation is a must. Air circulation assists in producing a uniform temperature and humidity throughout the growing area. Growers need to use horizontal airflow fans along with forced air or natural air vents to mix and exchange air within the growing space.

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