The Growing Trend of Women In Hydroponics

The role of women in hydroponics gardening and the hydroponics industry is changing fast. In the past the vast majority of growers were males, as were the vast majority of hydroponics entrepreneurs, retail store owners and spokespersons.  NFT Hydro has seen a growing acceptance of hydroponics among women n South Africa and Africa. We certainly see women embracing the hydroponics lifestyle be that to start their own business or to supply fresh greens to restaurants or markets. We love growing together.

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Hydroponics on the rise

The vast majority of plants are still grown using soil, but hydroponics is on the rise.

Globally, it was estimated that the hydroponic farming industry was worth $21.4 billion in 2015, with its value projected to grow at 7 per cent per year. Slowly but steadily, farming appears to be changing.

Equally, there are big global changes on the horizon, and these will vastly accelerate the use of controlled-environment agriculture. By 2050, an extra 3bn people could be living on Earth, with over 80 per cent of the global population living in urban centres. We’re already using the vast majority of land suitable for raising crops, so new growing areas need to be found. This is reason why our NFT kit systems are so popular because you can

simply GROW anywhere.

Reference: Big Picture Education 


We distribute our NFT systems around the World, Africa & South Africa. 

This week, customers in Port Elizabeth & the Eden district purchased our NFT Systems to start their own fresh produce businesses.

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If you can shave three days off of any task that usually takes ten, that’s a good thing, right? New HORTICUBES® XL can do that. Used with our NFT Profiles you can get more-developed roots, emerging from the cube in just 7 days.

A seed propagation miracle? Yes, its called Oasis Horticubes XL and you can order it from NFT Hydro.

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Growing Cucumbers

Our client in Herbertsdale grew English and Beit-Alpha cucumbers in our NFT profiles rather successfully. For growing cucumbers we do recommend our NFT Hydro Base rather, but this shows just how versatile our NFT profiles are.

This small NFT indoors trail set-up produced about 55 lovely cucumbers over a period of about 14 weeks.

Growing cucumbers using our NFT Hydro Base