The popularity of microgreens

When a food goes from unknown to a hot food trend, there is money to be made. Unlike most other specialty food crops, microgreens are easy to grow, and can be ready to sell in just ten to twenty days. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, so microgreens are a perfect crop for urban farmers who may not have access to a patch of dirt. In fact, many small growers prefer indoor growing, as it allows more control over light and temperature, so crops can be grown more quickly, and harvests are more predictable. Because microgreens are expensive, selling  growers can produce a solid income in a very small space compared to traditional farming.

We have designed a variety microgreen systems to suit everyones budget, to grow indoors or outdoors.

MG-6 Microgreens System

MG-26 Microgreens System

MG-52 Microgreens System 


Hydroponic Snow Peas

Peas are an extremely versatile crop for hydroponic systems. Not only are there varieties with edible pods, but the flowers, shoots, and tendrils can all be grown as either gourmet fresh vegetables or as attractive garnishes and additions to salads. Fresh shell peas can be produced in hydroponic systems; however, they take up considerable space for the yield of young peas produced. Instead, snow peas, snap peas, and pea shoots are typical specialty hydroponic crops.

Snow peas, be it the yellow, purple, or traditional green varieties, are often a highly priced fresh produce item and thus are grown in hydroponic greenhouses year-round.

For hydroponic systems, either tall or shorter varieties can be grown. Taller vines need some form of support, while shorter cultivars are up to two feet in height and are often self-supporting. Indeterminate, shorter varieties of peas are the preferred choice for those with limited space, as these can be planted in double rows or groups so that plants support each other without the need for trellising.

Choosing pea varieties with powdery mildew resistance is recommended and many of the new and improved cultivars are worth trialing in hydroponic systems.

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Source: MaximumYield 

Photo with compliments from a NFT Hydro client 

Fresh Produce Production Evolving Worldwide

The demand for healthy, clean and tasty vegetables continues to grow worldwide, including in Afric & South Africa where we see fast food chains & large retailers approach hydropoic farmers directly to grow for their stores or establishments. In line with the strong ‘local for local’ trend, new and advanced methods are helping to ensure that vegetables can be produced locally in an efficient and sustainable way.

Food-safe production
Hydroponics is one example of an innovative production method. According to Peter Sonneveld, who has been a market specialist for hydroponics at Rijk Zwaan since May 2018, this method is gaining in popularity all over the world, especially for leafy crops. “We are seeing Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and Deep Water Culture (DWC) being used in many different greenhouse setups, from low-tech to high-tech. High-tech greenhouses are extensively automated and are mainly found in Northwestern Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and North America. Hydroponics is an extremely food-safe production method entailing the maximum reuse of water and fertilisers and the use of no – or the bare minimum of – chemicals. It’s extremely sustainable,” he says.

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Reference: Rijk Zwaan focusing on ‘Innovating for sustainability’ 

Greenhouse sunrise in KwaZulu Natal

We received this lovely photo from our client in KwaZulu Natal, the crops are grown in an area where water temperature can fall to zero degrees at night. The effects of the cold, will stifle the growth of your hydroponic plants as the optimum water temperature should be between 18-26C. Outside of these parameters the plants will not uptake the nutrients and they wont grow. It would appear if they are frozen in time. Our client uses a submersable heater in his watertank to keep the temeratures even in order to produce this luscious crop.

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First Harvest for New Grower

Incredably this is our new grower, Rodney’s first crop nearing harvest, grown in an area where temperatures can drop to about 1 – 3c at night.

NFT Hydro has worked closely with our client, almost on a daily basis to guide and assist him to ensure his success as a grower.

Great brands have experiences and values. What you will experience with NFT Hydro, as one of our clients is that we will GROW with you.

Your success as a grower become our success story.


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Soil Farmer turns to Hydroponics

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why more traditional farmers turn to soiless farming:

  •  Hydroponic is easy to develop in strategic places; this means that the hydroponic crops can be grown close to the market area; therefore, reducing the cost that could have been used in transportation and these automatically reduces the production cost, hence increasing the gardener profits.
  • Hydroponics can be produced at any season since they grow into their own controlled environment which is controlled and protected from predators like plant eating animals.
  • Less amount of time and work is required in hydroponics gardening; the amount of work needed is very little due to the absence of the weeds that would require time to pluck them out.This method is time saving since no weeds are present only some few minutes are needed to check the nutrient levels and the harvesting processes.
  •  Hydroponic plants will grow larger; this is because you have full control over the plants environment to the optimal.
  •  Hydroponic plants can be grown everywhere; it is said to convert any terrain into fertile farming land.With the normal farming or the soil farming, there are multiple problems such as pest, climate and soil diseases.

NFT Hydro will assist you to successfully transform from traditional farming to soiless farmimg. 

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source: Farm Hydroponics


The growing of microgreens are becoming more & more popular with our clients and we are therefor delighted,to announce the launch of our new Microgreens Commercial System – the MG26.

The NFT Hydro MG26 Microgreens System has 26x 1.8m Growing Channels and is 3m wide and specifically designed for growing microgreens on commercial scale.

Each growing channel has the ability to produce between 225 – 1395 grams of microgreens, dependant on crop type of small or large leaf microgreens.

The NFT Hydro MG26 Microgreens System, can be doubled up, set up back to back,  as can be seen in the illustration providing you with 52 Growing Channels.

MG26 – Commercial Microgreens System

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We are growing

NFT Hydro has now brought our 3rd manufacturer online to ensure that we can service our ever growing client base in South Africa, Africa & International. We manufacture high quality, durable Hydroponics systems for commercial & hobby scale growing in Gauteng, Cape Town and now Durban.

NFT Hydro, as an innovative business, thrive by understanding what the soilless farming market wants, making smart product improvements, and developing new products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations & growing experience.


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Your success as a grower become our success story

More often than we can say, when clients first contact NFT Hydro they have been studying soilless farming on the internet, reading every article about hydroponics and the various methods available for months, if not years on end. I think we can all agree that the amount of information available around soilless farming methods like hydroponics is overwhelming. We have been working alongside our customers since early 2014 to ensure every single one of them become a successful grower. The best advice you will get from us is simply to purchase your hydroponic systems and start growing. The practical, hands-on experience of growing with NFT Hydro’s guidance will surpass any online studies.

Take one of our new clients in MooiRiver Kwa-Zulu Natal, Rodney Els. Rodney has no previous experience in soilless farming, but yet the photos displayed in this article is of his first crop. With clear instructions on the propriety growing method that we advocate, Rodney is on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a commercial soil-less farmer. Congratulations Rodney!

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4 x12m Hydroponic Tunnel Project

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This 4 x 12m Tunnel project will be rolled out & duplicated across South Africa offering a yield & production of 580 plants every 2 -3-4 weeks depending on the skill of the growers.

The 4 x 12 tunnel is designed to grow a combination of leafy greens & herbs or microgreens, that can be harvest within the first 8 days of starting out as well as larger Vine Crops like tomatoes, cucumbers & peppers all grown on our uniquely designed and South African manufactured NFT Hydro products.

Hobby scaling to commercial inter-connectable frames makes this affordable set-up possible.

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